And Allah said "And proclaim the pilgramage among men; they will come to thee on foot and on every kind of camel. Lean on account of Journeys through deep and distant mountain highways" Surah 22 ~ Al Hajj Part 27

Yet another website, when there are so many. Why?

We have been asked this question many times, whilst we were researching the content that was to go in to this website. There are thousands of websites that, one can visit and obtain pretty much the same information; however our intention was based on personal experiences of when my wife reverted to Islam and the hardships that she had to face in every aspect attached to her reversion. Things have got better by the grace of allah but there still remains some disparities and this is our attempt to humbly address that imbalance and assist all to achieve the goals set out in the teachings of Islam.

We also became aware during this research that there many Muslim brothers and sisters who for whatever personal reasons did not practice or even learn about Islam and now wish to do so but are ashamed or embarrassed to ask. In some cases they feel intimidated by the knowledge some people around them have and demonstrate, and are therefore scared to ask.

In line with the teaching of Islam we have tried to remove that shame, embarrassment and intimidation by making the website completely simple so that anyone visiting it with or without ANY knowledge of Islam can understand the content. While doing that we have also endeavoured to remove any cultural or traditional bias keeping the entire content to the Quran and the sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

We have tried to refrain from using the Arabic language, as there are millions of people whether practicing Muslims or not, who are unable to fully appreciate its content because they do not understand the language. Whilst we can't get away from using the Arabic language all together and it is compulsory in certain situation like Prayer (Salaah) or when quotations from the Quran have been taken. We are going to try very hard and keep it free of Arabic, however in every event the English Translation has been provided to make it easy for you.

Have a continuance beyond the website. It is our wish to create an environment of dialogue and better understanding. Hence the chat and blog and email us icon's, the Press, Journey in to Islam, Issues affecting people etc are all links to encourage dialogue. This is a people's website and almost all the material thus far that is contained here has been very kindly emailed to us inclusive of pictures and stories including personal accounts.

The invitation was open, is open and will always be open to anyone who wants to have any material included, but please DO BEAR IN MIND - All Islamic material submitted MUST be void of Cultural, Political or Traditional values. We are not here to judge people's belief for that is God (Allah) and only God's (Allah's) right to do so, but we are here to collectively guide each other along the teachings of the Abrahamic prophets in what we believe is a complete and fully satisfying way of life.

Note Update: The sheer volume of materials coming in makes it quite difficult, therefore please do not be disappointed if your material does not appear straight away. We will eventually make it available. Jazakallah

Our personal experience has taught us that the beauty of Islam is often lost when on what would be quite beautiful to the knowledgeable person yet sound as twaddle to a non knowledgeable person. It's like you and I who are not rocket scientists, listening to someone who is explaining the inner workings of a spaceship!

Islam is not that has been portrayed but to the contrary. Understand, discuss and ponder on it and by the grace of our creator (Alhamdhulillah) you will be surprised and hopefully by the grace of God (inshallah) we will together eradicate the pain, suffering, death and poverty that the very doctrine of Islam teaches us.

Please feel free to email the Webmaster if you spot anything that we may have missed or made a mistake on (May Allah forgive us for any errors made unknowingly ameen.)

Thank-you by the grace of god (Jazak allah khair)