and Allah said "And proclaim the pilgramage among men; they will come to thee on foot and on every kind of camel. Lean on account of Journeys through deep and distant mountain highways" Surah 22 ~ Al Hajj Part 27

When one is born in to a religion, the beauty of ones faith is often lost where the person does not practice the teachings of their faith and / or sometimes are ignorant to all those teachings and their significance especially in this day and age of science, high-flying and misinformation. Maybe its not "cool" and is embarrassing to practice ones birth right. What ever ones reasons are, it does not matter for one can come up with many excuses. The bottom line is everyone is and will be held to account in the end.

Than there are those who do practice and some even to fanatical extremities, easily done. A good example is if you lay down on the grass in the park and look up at the sky. Look hard enough and it is quite easy to form all sorts of shapes in the clouds. These forms in the clouds become even more bizarre if there are a group of you... try it and it can be quite funny!

On a serious note, it is quite possible to see things that are not necessarily there when you look hard enough, this fact is further compounded when other people join in and add their opinions to the matter.

If as a person, you are of a disposition of being easily led then major difficulties can arise, in your life. Were you right or were you wrong only your creator knows best.

Why Islam?

This question needed answering fairly, honestly and truthfully without bias. It perplexed us, for as practicing Muslims we could give a million reasons full passion as to why one should turn to Islam as a way of life but we did not feel we would be doing the subject matter justice. Instead, we decided to ask as many people as we could, who had embraced Islam a long time ago and to create an even balance and more importantly the phenomenal number of people who have now embraced Islam in very recent years and especially in light of tragic events like 9/11, 7/7 and many forgotten events "in other countries considered not so important on the world stage".

Our question was simple "Why have you chosen to embrace Islam when it is supposedly a religion of hate, terror and female oppression"? As so incredibly reported every day in the Western Media since the Gulf War

Whilst we have created a section "My Journey in to Islam" where the stories of some of the people we questioned have been included. The simple summarised answer has been ~

"We got interested in this Religion due to the media reporting and started looking at the teachings of Islam. To our amazement we found contrary to what was being reported that Islam isn't a religion but a way of leading a simple and fully encompassing style of living and sharing with a global community that engulfs every aspect of ones life from accepting in belief all previous prophets and messengers of the Abrahamic religions to living peacefully with a caring and well mannered etiquette approach in every action of every day. As a Muslim you are part and parcel of a global family of over 2 million people."

We thought this statement pretty much surmises it, need we say more...

Yes! Don't listen to what everyone says. Use you own intelligence and common sense. Muhammad (pbuh) who was already a kind, peace loving and moralistic person started this whole way of living on one word that Jibraeel (Gabriel) said "READ" (IQRA).

Look not at the Politics but at the teachings and let your FITRA (sense of right and wrong that exists within every individual for you are truly born with it) help you decide.