and Allah said "And proclaim the pilgramage among men; they will come to thee on foot and on every kind of camel. Lean on account of Journeys through deep and distant mountain highways" Surah 22 ~ Al Hajj Part 27

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How is it that some Muslims call practicing Christains unbelievers (Kafir) , when we are all of the Abrhamic faith, which Islam preaches upon and indeed contains the messages in its scriptures, taken from the Isrealite, Jewish and Christian faiths? Tina, Manchester. UK

It is a fact that the Quran contains texts from the books of Abrahim (Ibrahim - Zabuor), Moses (Musa - Torah), Yashu (Jesus ~ Eisah - Injeel) and it is also true that all knowledgeable and practicing muslims revear these prophets. (Note: We have said prophets which includes Eisah as Islam does not accept or adjoin this prophet to God (Allah) as his son).

The questionaire does not dspute this fact in their question, they want to know if Islam accepts Eisah (Jesus / Yashu) as a prophet and not son of God... As Allah clearily states this as a fact, Than why do Muslims challenge this fact by calling practicing followers of Eisah unbelievers (Kuffar). Webmaster

I believe that is because these people are usually ignorant of their own religion and have been blinded by politics, misinformation and a history of war, violence and racial tension. Suleiman , Qatar

Its a fact that certain Muslim communities create an environment of inclusiveness, it is certainly true in most towns in England where its not hard to see enclaves of communities who have no interest of even acknowledging anyone else other than their own. Steve, Birmingham . UK

I think we have been very tolerant in England and these people have taken advantage of our kindness. It is not something that would be tolerated in their own countries if the roles were reversed. John, Leytonstone. UK

I agree there are communities who originate from the Indian sub-continent, who not only segregate against others but also against Asians, Arabs and generally anybody or everybody who is not from their part of the world. I as a MUSLIM and ASIAN and have experienced it. My only crime was to be born in Africa and Thank Allah for that as bigotry in form of Caste, Colour, Status or Creed doesn't play a part with us. Alhamdhulillah. Afzal, Luton . UK


Why does this website insist on calling our Lord Jesus either Yashu or Eisah and not by his proper name recognised by the whole world as correct name? Mohini, India

Islam teaches us to use history, science and just as importantly common sense when dealing with all matters. One can have emotional blinkers and look without seeing, hear without listening and ridule everyting as propaganda or conspiracy or one can look at things in their actuality and agree or disagree in its entirety, for Allah gave every human being the ability to have an oppnion - Webmasters

We have had any emails, from muslims all over the world. The best way to answer this question has been determined to be answered as follows


Eisah was born to a Jewish parent in the land of Palestine .

(Note: We have indicated singular as Islam accepts the miraculous birth of this prophet and also Islam reveres Mary (Maryam) without blemish and fault) ~ Therefore it would entail that he was neither blonde nor blue eyed, despite popular western potrayal


Eisah was born when the dates were ripe (They ripen in July / August) ~ Therefore, it doesn't make sense celebrating his birthday in December!


As a person of Jewish decent and Aramaic‡ being the spoken language, he was named Yashu messiah bani-al-Maryam (Yashu the messenger, son of Mary). In Arabic Yashu is pronounced as Eisah, hence Muslims call Yashu ~ Eisah

We are not fully aware of where the name Jesus comes from. However the popular belief is that the name Yashu was changed in error** during translation by the Greek Orthodox Church. Yashu Messiah became Jesu Christo and when the bible was translated to English the name became Jesus Christ.


The place Eisah spent many years was Galilee, which in Hebrew would be "ha-Galil" and in Arabic would be "al-Jaleel"

One can immediately see the resemblance in the language even today!

On a final note, it would NOT be right, appropriate or respectful to call a prophet or even any person by anything other than their given name. This is why this website will only use the name Eisah or Yashu despite the fact the whole world thinks the given name is Jesus.

** How would it be possible for the error in name to occur? Simply during transalation the name was also translated and good example is , take a person called Deborah Carter. It is a Hebrew name and the word Deborah means "Bee" and the surname Carter translates to "Wheel-maker". Lets fast forward in time and 2000 years from today an autobiography of Bee Wheel-maker , if written would not be correct, would it? As the person's name was Deborah Carter.


Why do some mosque refuse entry to non-muslims, even though they could be contemplating reverting to Islam?


The fact some mosques may be doing this has nothing to do with Islam and let it not deter you from looking at Islam beyond this. It is purely the ignorance of "some muslims" who are un-guided by their own misunderstanding of Islam or they may be misguided by their cultural and traditional values that stipulate this. Our prayer (dua) for them is may allah guide them ameen ~ Webmaster


Why are women trated subserviant in Islam?


This statement is not correct and if you have either experienced it or witnessed it than as a Muslim we pray that may allah show the person carrying out such acts be guided to the right path and again we strongly condemn that this human value has nothing to do with Islam the religion.

In Islam It is accepted that Eve ~ Mama Hava was created from the rib of Adam ~ Baba Adham. She was neither to be stood above or stood under but as an equal partner. There are many incidents in the Prophets' life where this fact was demonstrated by his wives and mothers of Islam, whereby they stood equally by the side of our prophet (pbuh)

During the time of our prophet having slaves was common and if Muhammad (pbuh) freed and equalled them than why would allow women to face the same consequence?

Subservience in Islam is allowed only towards Allah and Allah alone, however this should not be confused with respect to your spouses, parents and elders. Good morals and manners require respect and hence it falls with in the realms of Islamic etiquette.

Any person claiming subservience as an Islamic value is transgressing against Allah and is using Islam to cover what would be more to do with Cultural and Traditional values ~ Webmaster