and Allah said "And proclaim the pilgramage among men; they will come to thee on foot and on every kind of camel. Lean on account of Journeys through deep and distant mountain highways" Surah 22 ~ Al Hajj Part 27

The following phrases are everyday terms that most Muslims use in every aspect of their lives

Arabic Term


When to use


Bismillah arakhman nirahim
Bis mila arak man nira heem
I start in the name of Allah


Before commencing task.


In sha Allah
If allah wills


When mentioning something that will be done in the future


Suub hana allah
Glory to Allah


When praisining something or in admiration


Al hamdhu lil lah
Praise be to Allah


In response to hearing something happy or sad and on sneezing



Alahamdhulillah arakman nira him


Al hamdhu lil lah arak maan nira heem
I complete successfully in the name of allah
After completing a task
Yar hamuk allah
Allah have mercy upon you


When someone says the above after sneezing


Ya Allah
Ya Allah
Oh Allah


In rememberance or when in distress


Ma shah Allah
As Allah willed


In appreciation or admiration


Ja zak Allah
May Allah reward you


When thanking someone


Au dhu bil laah
Allah protect us


When you see or hear something bad or evil


Aadhubillah minishaytwan nira jeem
Au dhu Bil lah mini shayt waan nira jeem
Allah protect us from the evil of shaytan (devil)


When in fear of the unknown



As thag fir rul lah
Allah forgive me


When apologising for a sin to Allah


Asal aam wa lai kum
Peace be up on you


When greeting a fellow Muslim


Walaikum asalaam
Wa lai kum asal aam
And up on you be peace


When responding to a greeting


Wa reham tullah wa barkatuh
Wa reham tuh lah wa bar ka thu
Good health and good tiding by the grace of Allah


Can be added to either the Greetings or the response


Inalillahi wa innailayhi rajinoon
Ina lil lah hi wa inna ilay hi ra ji noon
To Allah we belong and to him we return


On hearing of a death or a tragedy


Feh sabilillah
Fee sa bi lil lah
In Allah's faith


When giving to Charity


Allah hu akbar
Allah is the greatest


When seeing something that pleases the heart or in jubilation